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February 2017

A Gift of Love to Yourself

“Pain happens. But suffering is optional. You can be done feeling bad when you choose. You don't need anyone else's permission. No one else can tell you that you should feel bad. You get to choose when you're done feeling... Continue Reading →

Love For All!

I always like to remind people that February, the month of love, Valentine’s Day (the consumer-induced holiday based on a sense of fulfillment based on someone else’s perception of your value) is actually, and certainly shouldn’t, be all about lovey-dovey... Continue Reading →

Reveka’s Diary – Intro

🌙🔮 I finally got around to an "Official" Intro to Reveka's Diary 🌙🔮 Here are the first 2 Pages, find more on Tapastic here: Save

Meet the Artist

Thought I would share my #meettheartist meme that's been going around 😉 Get to know me! I'd love to do Reveka's character sheet based off this soon as well!

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