“Pain happens. But suffering is optional. You can be done feeling bad when you choose. You don’t need anyone else’s permission. No one else can tell you that you should feel bad. You get to choose when you’re done feeling bad. Maybe you choose now. Clear the need to feel bad. Allow yourself to feel good again. Because you deserve that. You deserve to feel good now. And that’s a gift of love to yourself. And you deserve that. And you don’t owe it to anyone else to feel bad. It doesn’t benefit anyone else. So you’re healing for both of you.”

This is a little piece that resonated my two years ago. I still find power in it. I also understand that things aren’t always black and white—I know that healing can be difficult all too well. But sometimes these words can feel comforting. Sometimes they can help, depending on the day. So I leave them here for you today, in case they resonate with you today.