I always like to remind people that February, the month of love, Valentine’s Day (the consumer-induced holiday based on a sense of fulfillment based on someone else’s perception of your value) is actually, and certainly shouldn’t, be all about lovey-dovey couples. It should be a month for all Love.
I received my first valentine last week from a dear friend who bought me a little chocolate heart. I, in exchange, left her her favourite chocolate with paper hearts in her locker. Love is not just for couples; it’s for friendships, soul-sisters, family, and, very importantly, your Self. Self-care. Take care of your precious heart, tend to it, mend it, care tenderly for it—because your heart deserves love from yourself just as much as you give to others.
Take a day for yourself. Draw yourself a nice bubble bath and drink some wine and chow down on some chocolates. Or get together with some friends instead.
My point is that, while Valentine’s Day may be a stupid holiday, we’re kind of stuck and surrounded by it. So instead of allowing it to make you possibly miserable, or sick to your stomach, you should embrace it in a different sense. Find a different meaning, a different perspective. I’ve always felt that it should be approached from self-love, and a love for others—not just with your significant others. Leave valentines for your friends, family, a stranger, someone who needs a little appreciation. Make it fun. Make it about everyone, not about your social status in the dating world.