{My Rad Messy Life}

HI! Welcome to My Rad Messy Life!
This little blog/page/whatever-you-want-to-call-it has been born from the messiest and most personal regions of my mind.
For those new to any sort of blogging of my life, welcome and enjoy! For those that have come here from “ReLove Plan.et” please be warned that this is something Quite different from that happy little haven.
Allow me to elaborate…
Why “My Rad Messy Life” you may ask? Well, there are a few reasons, and I am about to list them. Ready? Okay…
Because I enjoy blogging and I miss it.
Because my life is messy.
Because, despite it being messy, it’s also pretty rad.

There you have it.

Now, if I want to dive in a little deeper, then I will say that my writing style (blogging-wise) is usually quite sporadic and usually bursts out of me from somewhere on the surface, or deep inside eager to escape. Some of my favourite last blogging posts (from over at ReLove) were the “Life Reflections” posts. I thoroughly enjoyed these, because they are like an open diary. It helps me. It may help you. It may be entertaining. So, why not?
If you’ve read my last post (over at ReLove) then you know that my eagerness to blog is basically a fading memory. Yet, I do miss it. I think it’s good for me, when being perfectly honest. I need something to keep myself on track at times. The focus of my attention has largely been a sad mess of wallowing self-pity as of late. Then I stop and take a breather and look at how pretty fuckin’ rad my life actually is—even with the explosive mess around me. Therefore, I start making lists of gratitude. Once my mind shifts then I tend to enter this phase in my brain where words want to burst out of me—usually in the form of a diary entry, but mostly in a sharing-blogging-type entry. That’s when this little idea flocked into my mind.
My Rad Messy Life.
Has a nice ring to it.
So, I won’t lie. It’s likely going to be as messy as it sounds. A collage of random thoughts and entries and mixed emotions. Will it be regular? Probably not. Will it be sporadic? Almost definitely. But I invite you on yet another journey inside my little world.
Stick around if you’d like, or part ways if not. It’s likely going to get personal, emotional, and maybe even a little weird—such is my general nature. I’m the type of person who can sit (almost awkwardly) quietly in company I’m not comfortable with, and yet yack someone’s ear off for hours about the most personal aspects of life. I also like to ramble. If you’re not new here then you already know this about me.

{What can you expect?}
🐱 “Life Reflection” Blog entries.
🐱 “Art Therapy” Artworks.
🐱 “Reveka’s Diary” manga (comic) excerpts (more details to come on that)

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So, here’s to My Rad Messy Life. Stay tuned.