I’m Bianca.


To describe who I truly am would take too much time. That’s partially why this blog is here. But mainly it’s here to share some ideas, thoughts, inspirations, and to make my fellow earth-dwellers feel, perhaps, not so alone.

I began my blogging career over at a site called “ReLove Plan.et.” For many years I focussed this blog on the positive, on manifesting, on happiness, and on general well-being. I shared many of the lessons I learned through life there. To this day, I still know that it served a huge purpose for myself and my readers. I will always be grateful.
However, I changed. Life changes. My ideas, my ideals, my thoughts and perceptions changed. And they will continue to change. “ReLove Plan.et” no longer felt like home. Thus, this project was born.
I’ve written more about this project over in the “About” section. So please feel free to dive into this curiosity over there.
As for this page…
Well, I thought I would introduce myself and share a little about me…

🌙 I’m a creative nut that can’t seem to sit still.
🌑 I run 2 etsy shops and a redbubble shop where you can find my artwork and creations.
✏️ I create Art daily. Mostly my manga/novel “Everwake” but also “Reveka’s Diary”—which is a huge part of this site (and my art therapy).
🌙 I’m settled in the beautiful mountains of BC, Canada.
🌵 My workroom is packed full of inspiration, art, steampunk decor, and a growing collection of Succulents and plants.
🐱 My sidekick is my little fur-baby, Lyla. She is my world and my baby. (I may be a crazy cat lady).
🌑 I love Steampunk, dark and Gothic decor and fashion. I can usually be found wearing black and/or stripes. I have many tattoos and several piercings.
🌙 I love anime and manga. I’m a huge Harley Quinn fan. Love Tim Burton. I’m obsessed with Adventure Time.
🌑 I’m a vegan health-nut… though Vodka is my drink of choice. I also drink Matcha daily (gotta have that caffeine boost!).
💀 I suffer from anxiety, a lifetime of depression, and a tragic family life that could put many to shame.
🌙 Despite this I can usually be found smiling and laughing—regardless of what’s going on beneath the surface.
🔮 I am in love with feminine energy. The Moons. Life. The constant battle of growth.
I believe in constantly moving forwards, regardless of how much stumbling occurs.

Feel free to stick around and dive into my crazy mind. 😉